LGBTQ School Districts

LGBTQ Ideology Schools


In the state of Florida, we have sixty-seven County Public School districts, plus Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, Virtual Schools, Private Secular and Religious Schools, etc.

Many of these Public Schools provide Common Core Comprehensive Sex Education, based on the LGBTQ-Planned Parenthood Standards. This is NOT a good thing! Fortunately, many more School Districts do not teach to the LGBTQ Standards. We have tried to vet these schools, however, if you discover we have wrongfully listed any of them, please bring to our attention and we will reevaluate. 

This is a list of the schools who believe they can do a better job of teaching your children about sex, gender identity, sexual diseases, dating, sexual orientation, etc.

We remain in the process of vetting all school districts, however at this point, this is a partial list of LGBTQ ideology schools that lack family values and are only interested in protecting the LGBTQ students. Should we discover otherwise, we will keep this list updated. Please revisit often, and if you discover we are mistaken on any of these schools, please let us know and we will correct immediately.


Miami-Dade County

Broward County


Marion County


Duval County

Volusia County


Brevard County

 Sarasota County


Seminole County


Pinellas County   

 Manatee County

 Orange County


Hillsborough County  


Palm Beach  

What Can you Do?

If you live in a school district that teaches to the LGBTQ ideology, please contact us. We want to know each and every one of these schools.

If your school offers Gay, Straight, Alliance (GSA) Clubs for the LGBTQ students, we want to know. If your school has signs stating: "This is a LGBTQ school" we want to know.

Promoting sex clubs of any kind in public/government schools is not acceptable.